Behind the music, part I: Episode 5

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Onwards & Backwards? Curious about how my very first interview went?

If so, give a listen to this interview with my friend Elizabeth. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Everything she says is either clever, insightful, funny,  or kind — or a combination of all four. Talking to her is always a pleasure. Even just listening to this episode makes me happy.

This was the first time I’d recorded an interview. The idea was to work through the concept of the podcast and figure out how the episodes would be structured, so it’s a little more rambling than the normal episodes, there’s some conversation at the end about how it went, etc. You’re getting a real behind-the-scenes look!

There’s a lot of laughing in this episode. I was incredibly lucky to have such an excellent first interviewee — it made me excited to keep going with the project. Being around Elizabeth always makes me as happy as I was in Munich, wearing a floppy hat, as pictured above. I hope this episode makes you smile.

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